Bathe among flowers
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This oil looks as if it's been picked straight from nature itself. Dried elderflower and amaranth flowers embrace the water in your tub to create a beautifully aromatic bath with hints of tropical coconutty comfort. Uplifting neroli oil swirls as you dip into the tub, lowering yourself into a moisturizing soak brimming with ultra-hydrating organic cocoa butter. It might look prickly, but it's a softy at heart.
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Drop into the tub and let the natural oils and butters soften and moisturize your skin.

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Honolulu, HI | 6 days ago

I love love love furze. I regret not buying more. Next time I'll have to bulk buy. It was the perfect addition to my bath after running out of bath bombs and needing to try other additions. My skin is so smooth.
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Smells Lovely, But...

Newfoundland | 11 days ago

This smells lovely, and is super moisturising. But the scent is super strong! I was storing it in my fridge because its been hot where I live and it started melting. It saved the bath oil, but now my whole fridge smells like it! Even some of my food tastes like it! So be warned that this will make your whole space smell like it. And don't store it in the fridge!!!
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I would buy this again for sure!

Stevenson Ranch, CA | 21 days ago

This is Wayyyyyy smaller then you would guess but, it looked cute smelled good, and I think my mom liked it!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

I wish I never bought this

Cambridge | 24 days ago

The flowers are too prickly. I felt itchy and uncomfortable. Did not enjoy this product at all.


Fontana, ca | 1 month ago

This had a nice smell and felt really luxurious. I enjoyed the flower floating around
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Super soothing, moisturizing, amazing smell...but one flower

toronto | 1 month ago

The product dissolved in my bath and left a nice oil residue that wasn't too hard to clean. It left my skin feeling nice and smooth and the smell lasted all day. Howeeeevvvverrr..... there was only one flower and I was expecting more. But still easy to clean it.

very hydrating, GREAT scent

Indiana | 1 month ago

First time using one of their bath oils and I am in LOVE. When I saw how small it was I didn't think it would be strong enough, but I was definitely wrong. Extremely hydrating, and the scent is just the right balance of earthy and floral for me! Definitely going to be one of my regular purchases as long as it's available!
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This is my favourite bath oil

Gods pocket | 3 months ago

Verified Reviewer

It soothes my nerves and reminds me of wild clover. It's like the wild inside of hermits like me. I just read it might be discontinued. That figures. Everything I like gets discontinued.
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Wish it d come in a value package! Would use it ever week!

Sherbrooke canada | 5 months ago

Silky, moisturizing, and sooothing ! ^^ my skin feels so hydrated even in a burning hot bath! A must for winter ;)
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

A Caress of Fairy Hotspring

San Diego | 6 months ago

The gentle scent wafts in the air, reminiscent of bathing amongst the floral fairies. Soothing against my dry skin.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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