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Elfie Stick
Elfie Stick
Elfie Stick
Elfie Stick

Elfie Stick

Bubble Stick
3.7 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 02103
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Ready to strike a pose? Run the tap and hold this reusable bubbler under the flow to build a bath of sweet-scented bubbles. When you've had your fill of foam, set the stick aside somewhere dry and draining to use again (and again). Then sink deep beneath a cloudlike layer of bubbles that smell just like a pear drop—the classic British sweet. What is a pear drop, you ask? Well, just like a reusable bubble bar it offers more than meets the eye. One half tastes of sweet pear, the other of creamy banana. We've aimed to capture both with the help of labdanum resinoid, Sicilian lemon oil and real tapioca pearls. So go on and get a little elfish this holiday season.
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Elfie Stick
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How to Use

Hold under the tap as you run your bath. Splash the water around to create big, frothy bubbles. Let it dry out between uses.