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Having a blast
This product does not contain animal products of any kind.
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7 oz
Turn bathtime into a science experiment! Equipped with all the colors of the volcano, this zingy tangerine-fennel kit has all the tools you need to build your very own volcano. Before you add water to your bath, construct your volcano on the base of the tub. Build the moldable Fun around the miniature bath bombs, leaving a hole at the top. Once your creation is complete, start filling the tub and watch as the lava fizzes and bursts from the mouth of the volcano! Once you're through with your volcano, you can use the Fun as a soap, shampoo or bubble bath.
How to use: To use as soap or shampoo, take a small bit in your hand, hop in the tub and lather up. If you fancy a bubble bath, crumble a small piece under a running tap for mountains of suds.

The LUSH FUNd: Spreading the FUN

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