Avocado bum booster
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Give your booty a boost. This blissful bottom rub keeps your tushie nice and taut with stimulating, caffeine-rich guarana, soothing aloe vera and softening avocado butter. Need to slip into skintight gear for running or cycling? This gorgeous floral lotion makes things more comfortable and helps with friction and chafing (and smells damn good, too). Slap it on!
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Massage all over your derrière and thighs.


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The best thing I've ever found for chub rub...

Seattle, WA | 4 days ago

For years I've used Lush's "Silky Underwear" dusting powder on my thighs during the summer when they get chafed. It works pretty well, but it wears off throughout the day and it kind of makes a mess when you use it. A couple of years ago, I went into a Lush store and the sales person there told me to try "Rump" instead --she said it worked wonders on chafing skin. SHE WAS RIGHT. I haven't worn a skirt or pair of shorts without this magic since then. Also, even though it's not why I used it, I SWEAR my inner thighs have never looked better since I started using Rump!
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Please don't discontinue!!!

Minnesota | 5 days ago

This is my favorite lush product! It helped with my stretch marks and cellulite. Please don't discontinue this!!!
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New York | 8 days ago

Love love love rump. I use it all over. I find that it helps with the appearance of new still red stretch marks. It moisturizes deeply without being greasy and has a nice light scent. I feel like everyone didn't really give it a fair chance because it's marketed as bum cream and used to be orange but it's AMAZING. Please don't discontinue. At least one last batch!
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I would buy this on subscription - please don't discontinue!

Ontario | 9 days ago

This is anti-chafing, yet not chalky and drying so I can use it in the dry winter months as well as on those hot, humid days. It also the only body lotion I've found from Lush that doesn't have cocoa butter which can sometimes cause breakouts for me. I don't tend to love floral scents and would rather this be unscented, but it really is a mild smell and I got used to it after a week or two - it doesn't hang around on the skin for long either, which helps. I really hope this does not become discontinued because there is not another product with the same benefits available. If this were to remain available online, I would continue to buy one pot per month.
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Don't Discontinue RUMP!

Long Island, NY | 10 days ago

This is one of my top favorite Lush products (& I've worked for the company for 7 years). It is amazing for chub rub - Especially on the inner thighs! Today I got a horrible sunburn. Grabbed this & massaged on a healthy dose. Immediately improved! I've never used it for sunburns before, but now that I know it helps, I love it EVEN MORE! Absolute Summer must-have! So glad I got 8 jars before Covid hit us really hard in the states because I've been using it EVERY DAY.
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Absolute Staple

North Brunswick, NJ | 10 days ago

There is legitimately nothing about this cream I don't love, helps so much on everything from thigh chafing to post shaving irritation which I tend to get a lot of down my thighs because of the coarse thickness of the hair, like bikini line irritation. This helps when nothing else will. Also noticed a marked improvement in the texture of my skin on my thighs and butt, definitely a more tightened taut feel with less noticeable cellulite. Also, it soaks right into the skin, leaving you feeling smooth and hydrated not oily and sticky. (I have even tested this in the height of humid NJ summers.) Smells softly floral, pleasant but not overpowering, at only 11 dollars for a jar that lasts for a few months, it's worth every single penny. Please, for the love of everything, don't discontinue this cream it's one of the lush products I can't go without!! You keep making it and I'll just keep buying it, customer for life tbh.
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I will use this forever

Los Angeles | 10 days ago

I sit at a desk all day and I've always had issues with dry and inflamed patches on my butt and thighs that no lotion or cream could help... except this. It worked immediately and I can't believe how soft and healthy my butt and thigh skin is now. Please get this item back in stock soon!
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Colorado | 11 days ago

I absolutely love this product and really hope it's not discontinued or they at least release enough that I can stock up (though I don't know how long it lasts as Lush is all about fresh products). It smells sooo so good, goes on smooth, and keeps me from chaffing in high humidity while making my skin so soft! A little goes a long way, so it lasts a while too. So sad I only got one to try out and they've been out of stock since. I'm so sad I just found this, it's life-changing. PLEASE DON'T DISCONTINUE!!!
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Perfect for dry spots!

Flagstaff, AZ | 12 days ago

This product is super rich and lasts FOREVER. The formula is stiff at first but warms up with the warmth of your hands. Winters are very dry where I live and I get incurable dry patches on my shins. This product fixes that issue. It's also great for tattoos or anywhere that needs some extra moisture (I.e elbows). The product is virtually scentless and you can smell the ingredients which isn't bad, but it doesn't smell "good". Very neutral scent
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Favourite product

Toronto | 15 days ago

This product is so smooth. It seemed to help me reduce cellulite on my legs and bum. This has always been a self esteem issue of mine. This product seems to help and makes me feel so much more confident. It also is a great moisturizer!!
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