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Menthe verte et bois de santal rafraîchissants
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Item No. 60050
Self Preserving
Wanna get dirty? Sweat dripping over your body? If you’re sweating ‘til your clothes come off, the sodium bicarbonate, lycopodium powder and talc in Dirty Deodorant Powder will do the trick to keep you dry. Pop some powder in your pits and breathe in that classic Dirty fragrance packed with spearmint, sandalwood, tarragon and neroli oils. For an extra cooling effect, there’s even a delicate dash of peppermint powder and menthol crystals.
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How to Use

Pat powder gently onto clean, dry underarms.


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Ohio | 8 days ago

I love the smell of all the Dirty products. Minty and earthy but not overwhelmingly so. It isn't feminine, but I don't find it to be masculine either. It's very neutral and very refreshing and just makes me want to keep sniffing! This product really proved itself when I went running in 90 degree heat and I could STILL smell it through all my sweat when I was done. The smell of this lasts even longer than regular deodorant. I am really impressed. It also does a great job keeping my pits dry when I'm not totally drowning in sweat. :P I really hope Lush keeps this around!!!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Smells Lovely and lasts all day- even with unshaven pits!

Ontario, Canada | 26 days ago

I was recommended to try Lush deodorants by a stranger via an online forum where I asked for advice on a good deodorant for unshaven pits. I love lush products already so I decided to grab a sample of this one as a store representative suggested it. I am astonished(!!) at how well this product works (and will absolutely be buying a full bottle). Not only does it smell super refreshing but it genuinely lasts all day. I'm not making that up, either! It lasts ALL day (and for me, all night and into the next day... I have never EVER found a deodorant that does that). I really do recommend this deodorant, especially for hairy pits!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

It's different

Brantford | 27 days ago

This is my first time using a natural deodorant but it was not bad. I had to apply a couple times a day because of the hot weather. Overall, it works for the most part. The smell reminds me of men's cologne a bit but it's not strong at all. I use a brush to apply it or it gets pretty messy.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Calgary | 1 month ago

I just recently switched to all lush with my fiancé and have loved the whole dirty line. We just got in a order with this new powder and wow! I put it on after my shower yesterday and I've been doing yard work and it's still smelling great. I sweat allot and this stuff has just made my sweet smell fresh and clean it's amazing. Thank you lush!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Great smell, but had a reaction.

Fort Worth, TX | 1 month ago

Both my son and I got rash, itching and irritation from this product. I use The Greeench and have no problem with that. So I was sad to find this did not work. I am using it in my shoes so it does not go to waste.

Keeps sweat at bay all day!

Albany, NY | 1 month ago

I sweat a LOT. Especially now that it's summer. Even a 5 minute walk will usually leave me incredibly stinky. I received my Dirty powder today and immediately applied it, and it definitely passes the test! I smell GREAT and I'm so dry. The smell is awesome, unisex and clean! Definitely useful for reapplying because my Aromaco doesn't really seem to work for that.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


Bellingham, WA | 1 month ago

I have very sensitive skin & sweat a lot. I've tried every natural & not so natural type of deodorant and they always irritate my skin & do nothing for odor after a few hours. So I threw this in with the rest of my Lush order because my underarms were extra irritated that day and WOW. No deodorant has ever kept me smelling fresh all day. This stuff just neutralizes the odor and keeps me dry. And bc I don't have to rub anything against my underarms they don't get irritated! Game changer
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Not my favorite

California | 2 months ago

I had used silky underwear for years on a hot day to dab under my shirt, in my underwear, or just under my bed covers and sheets at night and really liked it. I than tried Fairy Dust during the holiday season and fell in love, my whole family and daughters love it. When I saw Dirty powder was first available, I made an order basically for this powder. However, it is very underwhelming and I like it a lot less than the silky underwear or Fairy dust. The smell is not great and I am a bit disappointed and won't be reordering.

Fantastic and Refreshing

Prince Edward Island | 2 months ago

This product is like baby powder! So soothing and refreshing and makes you feel clean and soft as a baby. As long as you follow the instructions (pat on clean, dry armpits) it'll do it's job perfectly and it won't cake up like Ross' legs on Friends. But lastly, the spearmint oil MAKES this product for me. I almost bought another scent but read mixed reviews on it, and I'm so glad I went with this one! It makes you smell like a wild, minty-fresh goddess and I can't get enough of it.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Smells Incredible All Day!

Columbia, SC | 2 months ago

I am a fairly heavy sweater and this deodorant really works (once it has been applied properly). It holds up well after a good workout too! It smells just like the Dirty body spray. If you're looking for a deodorant and not only a dusting power then this is your product.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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