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Hardworking bodies need hardworking deos
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It’s widely misunderstood that sweat is stinky. Nope, in fact, it's the bacteria that causes armpits to smell. Packed with sweat-absorbing powders and odor-neutralizing essential oils, there's our triple citrus deodorant bar, T’eo. Juniper berry, tea tree and lemongrass are the hardworking essential oils that help combat bacteria and microbes to keep you smelling fresh.
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How to Use

Apply the white side of the bar directly onto clean, dry underarms.


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Pacific City | 10 days ago

Sorry For The Long Story butttt: Okay, I had to stop using aluminum because my lymph nodes were NOT okay. I started using natural deodorants years ago when i worked at Mother's Market. I worked in body care so I tried EVERYTHING. NOTHING worked at stopping the odor- I didn't even mind the sweat (you gotta sweat to detox ya know?) So, I tried Lush and this bar worked wonders! I have been odor-free ever since 🙌🏼 It does crumble, but i keep mine in a tin they sell and i like the powder tbh because i apply it with my fingers and it's softer on my skin that way! I just wash my hands after i apply :) I HIGHLY recommend to try if you're running out of options/hope like me!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Not a winner

Asheville NC | 12 days ago

This does smell really nice and I find it quite effective but the texture is so rough its damaging my skin. I wish it were binded with some Shea or coconut to help protect the skin. My armpits are irritated and itchy now after a couple weeks of use. I'll either need to toss it or get creative with application in the future.

Can't say enough good things about TEO

Ohio | 15 days ago

I have used this for years and love it! Don't rub directly on your skin I bought a makeup brush and apply it that way The lush consultant gave me that tip when I bought my first bar 10 years ago.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

The worst!

Vista | 18 days ago

I was so excited for this new, beautifully scented deodorant-but it's simply the worst! Crumbles, so dry it pulls on my armpit hairs, and it just doesn't work! Total disappointment.

Disintegrates in your hands.

Middletown, NY | 18 days ago

Before I even got to use it the bar broke into 2 pieces. Then chunks break off as I use it on my underarms. I like the product but this one should come as a powder - not as a bar. Too much waste of product.

Have to re apply throughout the day

WA | 25 days ago

I've used lush deodorant before and it's been great but this one just doesn't work for me. I have to keep re applying because it doesn't mask odors well.

I would NOT buy this again!!!

Toronto | 30 days ago

Rough to apply. Super crumbly. Made a mess on my bathroom. Smells great, but that's it!!!

Best Deodorant

London | 1 month ago

Typical store bought deodorants start to smell weird after a few uses and I struggled to find a good alternative for years until I found this! Actually deals with odours and doesn't lose its fresh scent over time. Allows you to sweat without the smell and has reduced/eliminated problems I had with blocked sweat ducts and inflamed hair follicles. Don't use right after a shower or shave it will sting- best applied to dry skin. I shower at night and apply in the morning before I get dressed. Does go crumbly and powdery over time but I tend to get 6-10months of use out of one bar with daily use. One commenter mentioned keeping it in a tin and applying with a brush and I am totally going to try that!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Best deodorant ever!!

Palm beach | 1 month ago

I sweat a lot and sometime it can smell depending on what I've eaten. I have tried the strong clinical deodorants, natural, sprays, you name it I've tried it, even though this bar crumbles I am still able to apply it easily. I can't recommend this enough. I haven't used anything else in the past few months and don't plan on using anything else.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Not for me

Regina Sk | 1 month ago

It started to crumble but then stayed together. It stings and burns my armpits. So I tossed it when I got the greench powder :( lovely idea I like the bar but something in it reacts with my skin
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