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It’s widely misunderstood that sweat is stinky. Nope, in fact, it's the bacteria that causes armpits to smell. Packed with sweat-absorbing powders and odor-neutralizing essential oils, there's our triple citrus deodorant bar, T’eo. Juniper berry, tea tree and lemongrass are the hardworking essential oils that help combat bacteria and microbes to keep you smelling fresh.

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It works but this is not for me...

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San Diego, CA | 14 days ago

I used T'EO to transition from regular deodorant to natural deodorant and it was not bad. I did not have pungent odor as if I forgot put on deodorant. It was a pleasant smell that was more like a sweet fragrance. HOWEVER! If you like your clothes under your arms wet, this is for you. If you like touching your deodorant, this is for you. If you like your deodorant to be crumbly, this is definitely for you. If you like to where tank tops and love to see white deodorant under your arms, go for it!. What really got me was when the deodorant broke and I had to use half. OMG!...Stuff everywhere. Sorry but not sorry. This is a no go for me! Maybe if it was in some kind of push up tube I will consider but for now never again.

Smells great and works, but with some major downsides

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Coquitlam | 15 days ago

I really wanted to love this deodorant. It smells absolutely heavenly, and as a deodorant, it works reasonably well. It has some major downsides though. Unless you put it on perfectly clean and dry armpits (which, while is suggested in the instructions, isn't always convenient), some of your sweat will stick to the bar. This discolours the bar. That alone, while visually rather unappealing, isn't a huge deal. The big issue is that it will cause the power to clump on the surface, making re-applying it very abrasive. I took to scraping the surface before each use which was both inconvenient and a waste of the product. I also personally found the product itself slightly irritating. It's a shame because it does work and smells wonderful.

Never stinky

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Orlando | 16 days ago

I freaking love this bar. I actually don't like stick deodorants. This has a different texture of course but it doesn't bother me. I used it for 7 solid years with zero complaints. Definitely don't use it after shaving. Tea tree oil is irritating. But sadly, after 7 good years, I developed a sensitivity in only one pit. I tried everything natural to prescription to get rid of it for literally a year never suspecting my deodorant. But my doctor was like why don't you stop using the deodorant and see if it helps. Sure enough, my pit got better and hasn't been irritated since except the one day I decided to try Teo just in case and it got crazy irritated again. This is a great tragedy bc I truly love this deodorant.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


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Richmond | 16 days ago

i was excited because it smelled really nice but my armpits were in pain for the rest of the day, it gave me some sort of rash, I thought maybe I was allergic but there are other similar reviews here. Smells good though.

Smells amazing but OUCH

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tulsa, oklahoma | 16 days ago

I love almost all of lushs products and expected this one to be the same. It looked pretty and smelled amazing but as soon as i used it, it was an immediate and severe burn. I immediatly threw it in the trash and proceeded to wash my armpit. Listen to me when i say i had to scrub my already sore skin and then proceed to ice it.

will NEVER return to regular deodorant

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Pennsylvania | 17 days ago

I'm on my third bar. This has changed my entire outlook on deodorants. I've dealt with bad BO since high school. I'm an incredibly active person and create serious body odor (I sweat very easily). I always felt like traditional deodorants (dove, degree, etc.) just mixed with my BO and then I'd have this weird flowery BO smell, like the "barf & berries" thing. Eventually I found Schmidt's Charcoal deodorant which worked wonders for the smell. I was so impressed. Unfortunately, because I sweat so much cream/solid deodorants Stained and ruined many of my shirts. Then the T'eo deodorant was gifted to me last Christmas. I immediately started using it and was in love. Sometimes I have to reapply near the end of the day in the summer time, but no big deal, and it's only sometimes (not every day)! The smell is amazing. None of my shirts are ruined, no stains. I love the powdery feel and it neutralizes my odor - it's incredible!!! It has the nice fresh smell at first and then nothing - Like my armpits smell like nothing! I'm in awe cuz y'all have no idea the smelly pits I've dealt with most my life. I do wish it held together a bit better. I dropped my last bar and it shattered to bits and pieces. I picked up the larger chunks and use them but I did lose quite a bit in smaller unusable pieces. Bummer. Still buying it though < 3 it's one of my all time favorite beauty/body products
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Some tips after 2 years of use, Lush please take notes

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Hayward, Ca | 17 days ago

I never use the bar straight on my skin because that's just too rough. To use, I crumble a section of the bar and keep the crumbled up powder in a small old lush pot (previously held lotion, just cleaned and dryed before use). The rest of the bar I leave in original package and seal in a ziploc to prevent drying out. Sealing the powder and remaining bar separately helps the bar last longer. if I don't seal the remainder of the bar it drys out and becomes ineffective as a deodorant. I also have to reapply on days I sweat a lot like some other reviews stated.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend


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Albany, NY | 18 days ago

I think this deodorant works pretty well, and smells delightful, but it stings my armpits. I would not buy this again.

harsh and dry

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Bellingham WA | 19 days ago

so dry it feels like sandpaper and super crumbly. have to reapply throughout the day because it barely does anything. Smell is really nice.

I'm upset.

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Montreal | 29 days ago

I was looking forward to using this product, especially after having smelled its great scent. The only thing I felt immediately after application was pain. Is this supposed to burn? I'm upset.
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