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Fresh, sweet hydration
4.6 out of 5 Customer Rating
Item No. 05569
Inspired by bubble tea, this Rose Jam-scented bar will make you feel and smell great. Got sore spots? Not for long! We make this one with sago bubbles to knead out muscle tension and help you feel relaxed. Argan and rose oils blend together and melt directly onto your skin to nourish and soothe skin and leave it smelling sweet, fruity and floral. It’s oh-so-good for tired and weary minds and bodies.
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How to Use

Melt the bar directly onto dry skin and massage the oils and butters in.

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Two things

Kentcuky | 3 days ago

The red beads scratch the skin and cause irritation and the beads fall off and have to be dealt with....... secondly, these is something in the ingredients that caused me to break out. I love LUSH and most everything I have tried. This won't stop me from shopping at LUSH I simply do not support this product!

Love everything about this bar

Orlando, FL | 12 days ago

I love the scent which if I'm not mistaken is rose jam 💕 and I love the bubbles. This is marketed as a massage bar so first and foremost the bubbles help to knead into muscles. I would love to see a solid lotion line as well for this and many other lovely scents.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Love the smell but beads should be removed

Houston, TX | 13 days ago

I tried it on just now. The smell is very floral and I love how it feels on the skin. Only wish that the beads served a purpose, will probably end up removing all the beads next time I use it to prevent it breaking like I've seen other people mention. I still like the pink color it just feels weird having beads not do anything to help your skin since lush is a very "everything has a purpose" brand .
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Ditch the beads

Orlando, FL | 24 days ago

This bar smells great, but the beads can actually scratch your skin. Would be a huge improvement if they were left out.

A waste of money

Appleton wi | 1 month ago

The pink beads are a total waste! They scratch your skin and seem to serve no purpose. Do not recommend. I'll never buy this one again. 0 stars

the tapioca ruins it

nyc | 1 month ago

look i love this product the scent is my favorite perfume and all the men in nyc seem to also like it, so obviously a major pro. the con is that the little balls are nonfunctional gargage. they aren't exfoliating. they just end up breaking off and rolling everywhere and then getting painfully stepped on later. also this product is good for like maybe 8 uses. it melt like butter and makes you a hot shiny smelly dolphin but i wish it were bigger without the fake cutesy balls. cmon lush get with the program.

Obsessed.. except for the beads!

CT | 1 month ago

I LOVE this massage bar, I have been using it for years. It smells incredible and it feels so good on my skin. Not greasy at all, but super moisturizing. The only complaint I have is about the beads. They are too scratchy to rub on your skin, and they fall out and cause the bar to fall apart. I would buy stock in these bars if they took the beads out! It's so frustrating! But other than that, this bar is great. Highly recommend.
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Love it

Va | 1 month ago

Great product
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Moisturizing and smells sweet

Fond du lac Wi | 2 months ago

Happy with this massage bar!
Yes, I would recommend to a friend

Bead Dislike

Ohio | 2 months ago

I'm jumping on the bandwagon... not a fan of the beads in Pearl. I love Rose Jam scent and this was a juicy, nourishing massage bar. But the beads... they make the bar crumble when you're using it! I would purchase a full size without the beads or if it didn't crumble so easily. Other than that, I have no complaints
Yes, I would recommend to a friend
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