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Charity Pot fights systemic racism

Power in your purchase, power to the community

This rich body lotion gives ultra hydration to tired skin, leaving you feeling soft and smooth. 100% of the price of Charity Pot (minus taxes) goes to small grassroots organizations. And from July to September, we are giving that money exclusively to Black-led, community-based organizations fighting to end systemic racism.

Who we support

We choose our Charity Pot partners based on their size (small, grassroots organizations) and their work under three pillars: human rights, animal protection and the environment.

Human rights

Animal protection


Since it launched in 2007,

Charity Pot has raised $ 2.4 million for 125 small, grassroots organizations addressing areas of racial inequality in economic and environmental justice, gender equality and ending violence and harm.


Charity Pot

Body Lotions
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Hydrating, fragrant, lush

This vegan, self-preserving body lotion is great for skin that's thirsty. Full of moisturizing ingredients, you'll feel smooth again in no time.

Aloe vera gel

hydrates, calms and softens. Totally vegan, it's perfect for sensitive skin.

Jojoba oil

is 100% vegan and is easily absorbed by the skin. Perfect for tired skin.

Moringa oil

is rich in antioxidants and super moisturizing. It's 100% vegan and adds a light moisturizing touch.

Shea butter

is vegan and provides a creamy texture that glides onto skin and helps absorb all the goodness.

5 out of 5 Customer Rating

This lotion is absolutely incredible and I use it every single day! It makes my skin so smooth and hydrated, especially with all of the covid hand washing and it makes me so happy knowing that the proceeds of my purchase contribute towards some outstanding organizations. Please never stop making this!

Vic, Ottawa

Our Featured Partners

Meet eight of our partners who are working toward racial justice and equality. 

Alabama Institute For Social Justice

Empower minority and low-income communities through voter rights.

St. Louis Story Stitchers

Support at risk youth in your own community.

Freedom Archives

Preserve the history of social movements and the history of oppressed folks.

Urban Alliance on Race Relations

Educate and advocate on issues relating to anti-racism and inclusivity.

Momentum Community

Teach and learn the craft of popular movements fighting for justice.

Witness to Innocence

Be a part of the historic march towards abolition in the United States.

She the People

Bring public awareness to the root issues of racial / gender justice.

Women of Color In Leadership Movement

Empower and cultivate a safe space for women of color to gain support.

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