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Wildlife Defence League

Wildlife Defence League is a grassroots organization dedicated to defending wildlife from exploitation in British Columbia. We focus on stopping the trophy hunt of large carnivores and ending the wolf cull in the province. We strive for our work to be intersectional, as we recognize that the exploitation of wildlife is interconnected with other forms of exploitation, including that of animals in general, indigenous communities and of the environment. We’ve been successful in integrating this core principle into our campaigns, allowing us to not only reach a wider and more diverse audience but amplify the impact of our work and build important coalitions.

How we helped

This grant will help our organization immensely. Running field campaigns is a costly endeavor, with travel, gear, vehicle and food expenses. Lush's grant covers these costs, giving us more time to plan the logistics of our spring grizzly bear initiative. Part of the grant also covers the cost of a part-time coordinator, which means our director can dedicate much more time to working on our strategic goals, which in turn will further our mission to end the trophy hunt and the wolf cull in British Columbia.

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