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A Hidden Generation is a means of raising the level of understanding in Indigenous communities impacted by these ongoing processes and in need of closure, justice, healing and accountability. They're producing the film and research guides for adoptees as resources to transform not only conversations, policy and law, but to ensure that change comes through the direct action and grassroots organizing of Indigenous adoptees. These efforts will challenge and fundamentally unsettle the colonialism, patriarchy and racism that continue to define the relationships between Indigenous nations and Canada.

The Sixties Scoop: A Hidden Generation - Official Trailer from Caro Ibrahim on Vimeo.

How we helped

Portable educational resources on Indigenous adoption –the documentary film A Hidden Generation, the trailer for the film, a series of groundbreaking workshops sharing Indigenous Adoption stories and sharing research techniques and Uncovering Hidden Generations: A Resource Guide to Indigenous Adoption Research. A Hidden Gem will push a public conversation on Truth and Reconciliation to account for Indigenous adoptees and provide resources to capacitate this. This conversation will be facilitated by a map tracking the forced abductions of Indigenous adoptees that will illustrate the violence done towards Native families, communities and lands in this process. All of these tools will include a focus on Reconnecting to Land for Adoptees, including what rights former adoptees have been given in communities, how to reconnect to territory, connecting to land and ceremony for urban Indigenous adoption survivors.

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