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Alaska Sudan Medical Project

The Alaska Sudan Medical Project is a grassroots organization working in an isolated, remote region of South Sudan. We work alongside local communities to address the root causes of poor health. A general lack of public health infrastructure has meant that people are dying from entirely preventable causes like drinking dirty water and not getting enough to eat. Since we began, we have accomplished more than we could have ever imagined: among many smaller projects, we have drilled 15 water wells, built a fully functioning primary healthcare clinic and helped local families to start 83 small farms and gardens.

How we helped

Lush’s donation has had a huge impact on furthering our work in South Sudan. Not only did it help us to finance our goal of starting 80 new gardens, but it did something more: it showed the local people that Lush believes in them and their abilities to lift themselves up out of this cycle of malnourishment and famine. By sharing our vision of sustainable agricultural development, Lush has helped to build confidence in each individual and shown them that with the right tools, they can feed themselves and their families.

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