Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

The Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation (AIWC) is a registered charity and non-profit society that has been operating a wildlife hospital since 1993. We are located northwest of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and service Calgary, Southern Alberta and the Northwest Territories. AIWC is managed by a team of wildlife biologists and wildlife technicians with a combined rehabilitation experience of over thirty-five years. They receive assistance from 2 volunteer veterinarians, and over 100 highly trained volunteers, many of whom are also biologists, animal health technologists, and certified rehabilitators.

How we helped

Funds from Charity Pot go towards the cost of a new transportation vehicle. The vehicle will be appropriately equipped to relocate wildlife to more suitable habitats, release fully recovered wildlife back into the wild, transport education ambassadors and presenters to and from workshops, and promote AIWC so individuals in Calgary and surrounding communities know who to call for wildlife issues and emergencies.The team works out of their dedicated trauma center to assist approximately 2000 animals a year, focusing on rehabilitation and release back into the wild.

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