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As Green As It Gets

As Green As It Gets (AGAIG) develops direct trade models for coffee and artisan goods to help disadvantaged producers collect the full value of the sale of their products. AGAIG develops appropriate technologies to add value to these products: bicycle-powered coffee huskers, activated-charcoal based decaffeination systems, biodigesters and methane stoves, solar lights, diatomic earth water filters, and more. These innovations improve the income and the quality of life of Guatemalan families. Small is beautiful, particularly with As Green As It Gets' small businesses and small-scale technologies that make lasting change in Guatemala.

How we helped

Lush's donation brings purified drinking water to over 300 people in the rural village of Panimache. Without Lush’s support, women would have to carry water from a stream to their home. Lush's support provides the raw materials and technical support to create a cistern for the town to store water, captivation tanks and pumps to collect water from two nearby streams, distribution plumbing, large concrete sinks, and water filters. Lush's support means that every Panimache home will have access to drinking water, 20 gallons of water storage, and a washboard for laundry.

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