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Asociación Mundo Azul

We could help declaring 28 islands harboring important breeding colonies of marine birds, penguins and sea lions to be a national reserve. We exposed the continued illegal killing of dolphins for human consumption and cooperate with the Peruvian police in order stop this crime. In 2013 Mundo Azul´s undercover investigators could expose the illegal killing of up to 15,000 dolphins as shark bait in the Peruvian fisheries and works now with support of Lush for a solution to the problem.

How we helped

Shark meat is sold under the name ¨tollo¨ in Peruvian restaurants and as things stand one needs to assume that for each tollo dish consumed most likely dolphins have been lost their lives. The project of Mundo Azul being supported by Lush aims to gain support from Peruvian seafood restaurants and have them take tollo dishes off their menu as long as the government does not insure a sustainable solution to protect dolphins and sharks. At the same time the public statements of restaurants and chefs will increase public pressure. Finally every shark meal not being consumed reduces the demand and therefore directly reduces the catch of sharks and the illegal killing of dolphins.

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