People for Reason in Science and Medicine

PRISM is dedicated to educating the public regarding the fraud, cruelty and tax payer waste of animal experimentation, and revealing how Big Pharma organizations enrich themselves by promising "cures" that never come while perpetrating experiments on animals which they know are pointless and cruel. We are now focused on the Eunice Shriver Infant Primate Lab at the University of Washington in Seattle because of its especially heinous experiments on baby monkeys. Maria and Bobby Shriver must take responsibility for their mother's 54 year legacy of torture and help us shut down the lab.

How we helped

By being able to project images on the primate lab at the UW in Seattle and next to Maria Shriver's office in L.A. we will call attention to the horrors being perpetrated on the baby monkeys and their mothers, and further pressure the Shrivers to shift money from their mother's institute away from vivisectors and toward scientists who care about human babies. We also want to call attention to the fact that animal experiments have nothing to do with human health and everything to do with sadism and greed.

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