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Ban aspires to stop the cruel and unnecessary use of electric shock collars to train and control pets. It's unforgivable that with all the science available on canine learning, we would continue to use electric shocks, a practice rooted in fear, force and pain. In addition to potential emotional and physical damage, shocks often exasperate existing problems or lead to new ones. Shock use ignores an animal’s sentience and the emotional lives they live. You wouldn't use a shock collar on your children so why would you use one on your pet?

How we helped

Lush funds will help to provide a counter to the misinformation put out by shock promoters. The funds will be used for a national petition campaign that's expected to attract publicity from radio, newspaper and social media. This furthers the opportunity to reach more Canadians to sign the petition that, in turn, will impress Parliament by showing them that the majority of Canadians would welcome a ban on electric shock collars. Canadian dogs and cats will be the winners. Thank you Lush Cosmetics!

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