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Barren Lands First Nation Health Department

Our health team in Barren Lands First Nation has made growing healthy food in our community a priority, as the costs of fresh food from the Northern Store is extremely expensive. Over the last couple years we have supported our community in starting individual gardens and significantly expanding our community garden site. This year, we will continue to build off of the positive momentum that has been created and support more gardeners than ever before. There will be a specific focus on involving Elders, youth and prenatal young woman in growing their own healthy foods.

How we helped

The donation from Lush will further support the work that our community is doing around building a healthy local food system in our remote, northern Manitoba community. With the funds we will be able to equip gardeners with the tools they need to be successful in their growing endeavours and continue to build off of the momentum around growing healthy foods in our community. Thank you to Lush for the support!

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