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BC ACORN’s mission is to effectively represent and champion the interests of Canada's low and moderate income urban citizens on the critical issues of social democracy and economic justice. BC ACORN believes transforming the conditions that adversely affect millions of Canadians can best be achieved with an active membership – members who are deeply invested in their organization and focused clearly on lasting, transformative socio-economic change. Through engaging low and moderate income Canadians on the issues that affect them, organizers develop community members' capacity to identify, plan and lead winnable grassroots campaigns that ultimately build community power.

How we helped

in 2016 BC ACORN members will be working on campaigns to strengthen tenant rights and increase the affordable rental stock in BC, and the funding that Lush has provided will be instrumental in the success of this campaign. As an independent grassroots organization, BC ACORN is primarily funded by our low to moderate income members paying monthly dues. This funding model ensures that ACORN is responsive to the needs and desires of the community which we serve, but does pose difficulties when our members scale up campaigns to the provincial level. Lush's generous contribution to ACORN will allow organizers and members to tackle this important campaign with full force. We will have more staff to reach out and engage tenants on issues of affordability and discrimination. More resources will be available to develop leadership skills within the low to moderate income community, so that those most impacted by the growing housing crisis in BC have the tools needed to advocate for themselves and their fellow renters.

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