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Beyond Toxics

Beyond Toxics unites the goals of social justice and environmental protection to safeguard Oregon’s ecosystems. We use grassroots organizing and a human rights framework to challenge the causes of toxic trespass in Oregon and empower communities to call out issues of injustice and lack of privilege. "Water Without Poison" is a project to help residents and forestry workers sickened by pesticide drift. Beyond Toxics’ goal is protecting public and environmental health by ending aerial sprays near homes, schools, drinking water and salmon rivers. Our vision is a landscape of clean streams and resilient forests rich in plant and wildlife diversity.

How we helped

Beyond Toxics was founded for the purpose of advancing the power of Oregon’s most vulnerable and marginalized groups that are exposed to a disproportionate share of environmental health impacts. With Lush's support, we have stayed true to this vision. Over the past 15 years, we’ve celebrated many successful community-driven efforts to stop pollution. We’ve been on the frontlines, connecting environmental protection and social justice issues. We’ve created new opportunities to win environmental policies grounded in an environmental justice framework. Lush’s generosity helped Beyond Toxics successful advocate for a series of groundbreaking environmental protection laws in Oregon. This work is critical to keeping children, rural communities and workers safe from toxic chemicals.

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