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Bimbia Rural Development Association-BIRUDA

BIRUDA is an association that develops and preserves the cultural heritage of Bimbia indigenous people.

How we helped

"Lush's support will allow us to protect 450 hectares of Bimbia reserved forest from destruction by the C.D.C. We will design a simple management plan to promote the sustainable use of Bimbia forestland. It is divided into three components: A. It creates awareness of the plans C.D.C has to destroy over 450 hectares of Bimbia forest reserve. B. It will block C.D.C from destroying Bimbia forest by requesting a prefectural and court order. C. It will design a simple management plan to prevent future destruction and promote sustainable use of Bimbia forest resources through reforestation Charity Pot support will lead to the formation of a task force, will establish our forest boundaries and promote sustainable management of our forest resources."

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