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Buffalo Field Campaign

The bison of Yellowstone National Park are killed or harassed by government agencies when they migrate ourside of park boundaries. This is allowed due to policies directed by Montana's powerful livestock industry. Citing unfounded fears that wild bison may transmit the livestock disease brucellosis to cattle—something that's never happened—Montana's Department of Livestock enforces a zero-tolerance policy for wild bison when they leave the park. Buffalo Field Campaign documents, defends, protects, and gives a voice to this irreplaceable indigenous species. BFC and their network of thousands of supporters do everything in their power to protect the buffalo and ensure the survival of this vital population.

How we helped

The costs of housing, feeding, training, and equipping more than a hundred field volunteers for winter in one of North America's harshest climates are substantial. Compounding these costs is the fact that we now need to maintain simultaneous patrol bases in both the Gardiner and Hebgen Basins due to the heavy bison migrations—and heavier management actions—occurring in in both locations simultaneously. Lush Charity Pot funding will help ensure that BFC patrols remain safe, strong, and effective. A strong and well-equipped field presence ensures that we are able to directly monitor the buffalo migration, protect them from harm when possible, and document every government action taken against them.

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