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Casa Mantay

Mantay gives young mothers the opportunity to assume and enjoy motherhood in a safe environment where they find all the physical and emotional support that they need for them and their children to lead a decent life. There are two projects: Casa Mantay -the home- and Taller Mantay -the social enterprise- which provides training and jobs for the young mothers. The profits from the sale of the products made in the Taller go towards the running costs of the Casa. Casa Mantay provides comprehensive care, including accommodation, food, clothing, hygiene, psychological therapy, basic education, technical training and legal accompaniment.

How we helped

LUSH’s donation will go to the Taller Mantay which is in need of refurbishment, as many people come to visit the project and look to buy products from us, providing essential income for Casa Mantay, yet we do not have a properly set up shop environment in which to welcome them and display our products. Being able to have a proper shop within the project will make the products more visible and attractive, which should increase sales. This will in turn allow us to improve the working conditions for the young mothers who work in the Taller and the services offered in Casa Mantay in general.

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