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Now in its fourth year, the Animal Film Festival (AFF) has received more than 600 submissions and screened 66 films showcasing the stories of animals with important messages about how we can help improve their lives. The AFF celebrates our relationship with companion animals, informs us about animals in the wild, guides us as we make food choices, and often even makes us laugh out loud. Filmmakers from around the world attend the AFF, leading discussions and Q&A's after their films screen. The AFF is a vegan event where we hope to inspire compassion through film.

How we helped

The Lush Charity Pot donation will go a long way towards changing hearts and minds recognizing that animals' lives matter too. The donation will allow us to further our outreach in bringing more people to the annual Animal Film Festival, the AFF on Tour as well as the Animal Film Festival Roku Channel. Covering the costs of marketing and PR will help bring a larger audience in front of these important films whether at our annual AFF in Grass Valley or during our many tour dates throughout the year. As a result, this donation will help the event grow in size and impact. Basic and necessary costs such as theater rental fees and vegan catering will impact our mission of showcasing the films with the best equipment while providing delicious vegan food to the audience. In addition, the AFF is establishing a new channel on Roku where the donation will be used to cover hosting costs and providing filmmakers with a small but highly deserved royalty.The Animal Film Festival Roku channel will likely be covered in an upcoming edition of Variety Magazine, which would help to bring an even larger viewership for these films. Because of the many testimonials we have received from people who have attended an Animal Film Festival, we know for a fact that watching these films makes people think and react for the benefit of animals. Our mission is simple and one that Charity Pot is helping us to reach: increasing the number of people who watch these films whether at the annual AFF event or a touring event or the Roku Channel, which will ultimately make this planet a kinder place for the animals with whom we share it.

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