Center for Artistic Activism

Creative activism is more than just an innovative tactic: it is an entire approach, a perspective, a practice, a philosophy. We believe there is an art to activism. We believe that activism is too often flat and colorless…and it doesn’t need to be. We believe an aesthetic eye and a creative hand are essential for building a better world. We believe that everyone has an artistic life they can bring to their activism. We believe that cultural transformation is necessary for lasting change. Our goal is to make more creative activists and more effective artists. We aim to win.

How we helped

With Lush’s help, the Center for Artistic Activism (C4AA) will be able to work directly with organizers and community actors through our School for Creative Activism, a training program which leverages the strengths of grassroots activism and the attention-grabbing and complex messaging of art through a curriculum designed to: - Teach cultural tactics and creative strategies employed effectively by organizers in the past. - Recognize and draw upon the cultural resources and creative talents residing within individuals, organizations, and communities in the present. - Collectively run scenarios and plan campaigns that utilize culture and creativity. - Build a network of organizers and artists using a model of creative activism.

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