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Centro Mujeres A.C

Centro Mujeres is an ngo working to improve the health and human rights situation of women, seasonal migrants, adolescents and young adults in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Our efforts are put into practice on two levels: working with communities doing direct intervention and working for the communities carrying out advocacy for policy change. With communities, Centro Mujeres implements innovative health education and prevention models providing leadership training services using participatory approaches. For the communities, Centro Mujeres impulses changes in programs and policies in compliance with international agreements for the advancement of human development.

How we helped

The donation from Lush has allowed Centro Mujeres to expand its work with young people to include suicide prevention. This is especially important because the suicide rate among teens in the state of Baja California Sur is double that of the national average. Since Centro Mujeres' began this suicide prevention demonstration project, three teens have been referred for suicide risk intervention, six others have been referred for depression related support, and there have been zero attempts or suicide completions where the project is being developed.

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