Citizens for My Sea to Sky Society

My Sea to Sky Society are a group of passionate volunteers that are fighting to save the habitat of the Orcas, Dolphins and numerous marine life located in Howe Sound. This rich, pristine, natural environment is threatened by polluting industry that would degrade this environment for generations, by killing the marine life such as juvenile salmon, herring, and plankton which are the building blocks for all other life in Howe Sound. The natural beauty of Howe Sound is for all of us to enjoy. It's our home.

How we helped

Funding from Lush helps us develop highly educated, environmentally knowledgeable communities in Howe Sound which emboldens citizens to take action to protect it against unsustainable industry. We do this through canvassing, events, rallies, newsletters, ads and social media. By creating awareness of the lack of protection on this rich, natural environment called Howe Sound, home to herring, salmon, dolphins, orcas, humpback whales and eagles, people are naturally interested in helping to protect for future generations and My Sea To Sky provides the tools to help them engage. Funding from Lush helps us broaden our messaging and reach citizens that reside outside of Howe Sound, who are proud of the wildness of this neighboring fjord but are not aware of how close it is to being destroyed.

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