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The Constant Arts Society (CAS) is best known for their photojournalism programs that focus on the voices and images of young people whose futures are influenced by social and environmental issues. The projects encourages youth to use photography and writing as a means to express themselves, connect to their community, build self-confidence, develop resiliency and empower themselves to be global citizens and mentors. The CAS was created in tribute to Constant Germano, who died from a suicide attempt at fourteen. His memory is the life force that guides the official mandate of the CAS and its programs.

How we helped

The donation from Lush has helped the Constant Arts Society in so many ways. Most importantly it has given the youth an opportunity to attend this year's ""Pulling Together"" canoe journey. The 10-day excusrsion is a life-changing experience that's challenging physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It has also created the seed for a bigger project to create a play around the youth and their experience on the 10-day journey. We will be documenting our adventure with photography, short videos and journal writing that will be weaved into our final theatre production.

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