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In December 1982, Indigenous elders gathered to develop a model of human, community and economic development rooted deep in the heart of Indigenous cultures throughout Mother Earth. As a result the Four Worlds Foundation (FWF) was established at the City Of Knowledge in Panama City, Panama. FWF is dedicated to actualizing the Reunion of the Condor and the Eagle via the Fourth Way. The Fourth Way reflects that the Human Family is at a crossroad facing diverging paths; on one side the path of economic insecurity and war, the other, a sacred path leading to mutual understanding, cooperation and prosperity.

How we helped

Through Lush's partership with the Four Worlds Foundation- Panama, a historic planning and development process was actualized with the participation of the Indigenous Peoples of Panama. This resulted in the First Indigenous Peoples and Presidential Candidates Forum being held in April 2014! The Politico Compromiso, developed and presented by the Indigenous Leaders of Panama was signed and notarized by all Presidential Candidates attending. The new government of Panama, both Congressional and Executive are Signatories of the Compromiso Politico. Funding by Lush will empower the Indigenous Women of Panama to ensure that the Politico Comromiso will be honored by the new goverment of the Republic of Panama. Another significant finanancial contribtion made by Lush was matched by the Four Worlds Foundation and resulted in the completion of a new, year-around road to grow and harvest Cacao. This volunteer effort by the young people and elders of the Guna Yala community of Ustupu resulted in a significant contribution to the Ustupu economy, while depeening the cultural and spiritual ties between the youth and elders of Ustupu.

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