Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

Giving communities near gas/oil activities the tools needed to keep their water, air and land clean.

How we helped

The fossil fuel era is being perpetuated by a widespread belief that natural gas is an acceptable alternative to other fossil fuels, to the detriment of the climate, fragmented habitat, water and air quality, and the health of humans, plants and animals in the vicinity of increasingly widespread natural gas drilling and infrastructure development. This belief is being perpetuated by industry, both directly and by very effective industry lobbying. That combination leaves a deep educational void when it comes to public and community understanding of, and attitudes toward, fracking and related development. Damascus Citizens for Sustainability have created posters that are effective in filling this void. They boil down complex issues, using scientifically accurate information, into easily understood format. They provide a powerful tool for grassroots groups around the world seeking to educate their local public to understand what is happening to them, and come together to fight it. The donation from Lush will make it possible to do two more versions of our What's in the Water poster, which was originally focused on the Delaware River Basin. With details specifically for two more geographical areas in the US, residents will more fully understand the potential impacts they face and will have a tool to gather more resistance to the fossil fuel mining and activities near them so they can more ably strive for a better and renewable future.

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