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In 201, we started the first free, full-time animal hospital in the UN World Heritage Site of the Galapagos Islands. Thanks to Lush, we then began the first free, year-round humane education program there. We treat thousands of cats and dogs per year and all injured wildlife that the National Park brings us. We have expanded our successful model to more countries in order to save lives and teach children. We've also begun rescuing animals in the area devastated by the 2016 Ecuador earthquake. Because of Lush’s support, we will continue to save lives and create long-term change.

How we helped

We could not have saved all the animals we have, and taught as many children, and become a permanent presence in the Galapagos if not for the help of Lush over the years. Lush kickstarted our critically important humane education program in the Galapagos, which has now expanded to other countries. We've treated thousands of animals for parasites to prevent the spread of disease to wildlife, and conducted groundbreaking disease research in the Galapagos. We've also begun rescuing animals in the area affected by the tragic 2016 Ecuadorian earthquake. Lush has truly helped us be a force for good, save lives, change communities and protect biodiversity.

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