De la Gente

De la Gente generates economic opportunity by empowering Guatemalans to build profitable, sustainable businesses that improve the quality of life for their families and communities. This allows them to invest in the education, healthcare, housing and nutrition needed for healthy families and thriving communities. De la Gente focuses on 1) coffee communities – helping small-holder farmers improve production and connect directly with roasters and consumers, with all profits going directly to the farmers; 2) community tourism – supplementing the income of farmers and artisans while providing a cultural experience for tourists; and 3) artisans – supporting small business development.

How we helped

LUSH funding supported the APCASA Community Development Program in Santa Anita, Guatemala. As a result, De la Gente has been able to build a 10,000 coffee plant tree nursery to start the road to recovery for families in the community who have been affected by the roya disease. The tree nursery will provide these families with new plants to replace those that were lost. The community also struggles with a combination of poor soil, lack of agricultural education, and few resources to invest in growing strong, healthy plants. The De la Gente holistic program supports all of their barriers to economic development: farmer-to-farmer training to advance knowledge and best practices, resources to reduce the immediate losses of their plants, replacement plants, and repairs to their processing equipment. To learn more about De La Gente and this Guatemalan community, click here.

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