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Deccan Development Society

The Deccan Development Society (DDS) is a decades-old, grassroots organization working in about 75 villages with women's Sanghams in the Medak District of Andhra Pradesh. It is currently made up of 5000 female members of their society who each represent their village communities. DDS hopes to strengthen the fight for an ecological future for thousands of rural farming women with whom it has been working for several decades. This will be through countering the arguments of the genetic engineering industry and colluding scientific establishments by counter posing a people’s vision of Indian agriculture.

How we helped

The donation from Lush will be used to fight invasive agricultural technologies and a market that threatens the livelihoods of its inhabitants. Through decades of struggle and by working in harmony with nature and their soils, over 5000 women of DDS overcame the adversities of soil and climate to generate multiple securities through ecological and biodiverse farming. Today they're able to produce safe food and find a new dignity within themselves.

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