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Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) was founded by families in Providence’s South Side, who joined together to fight for better living conditions and a voice in their community. DARE works to undo the systems of oppression that are the root cause of the problems facing our communities. DARE has used direct action, leadership development, and political education to build a tradition of innovative, community-driven policy changes. DARE's Fair Housing Campaign will address one of the root causes of mass incarceration by increasing access to stable and affordable housing for people with criminal records.

How we helped

This new campaign to change Providence Housing Authority's discriminatory policy could only happen with funding from supporters like Lush. Because DARE fights for systemic change and challenges our government, as well as institutions and individuals who support the current system, we get very little funding from the government or mainstream funders. Even though we involve hundreds of low income people to transform our own communities and positively affect hundreds of thousands of Rhode Islanders, we struggle financially. Lush’s financial support gives us the freedom to fulfill our mission without compromise or political distraction, and fulfill our commitment to our community.

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