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Dundas Turtle Watch

Operating in Dundas, Ontario, Dundas Turtle Watch works to preserve the local turtle population from vehicle collisions and predators. Teams of Turtle Watchers monitor roads and locations known for turtle sightings twice daily to rescue turtles in danger and record all turtle fatalities. All our data is shared with like-minded organizations, and we also protect turtle nests with mesh covers in order to prevent predation. We provide public outreach and education and lobby city staff and elected officials to improve the safety of turtles and other wildlife.

How we helped

Charity Pot funding means Dundas Turtle Water can protect even more turtle nests. It will fund signage warning motorists of turtle crossing areas, an educational brochure for the public, plus another for elected officials and City staff. This information will help reduce turtle mortality. Lastly, the donation will fund an educational program delivered in schools, which will teach young kids about the rare and endangered turtles in the area.

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