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Earth Activist Training

Earth Activist Training weaves together permaculture design, earth-based spirituality, and training in social permaculture with strategy and organizing. Our students learn to create regenerative systems—ecological and social, to combat climate change, rehabilitate degraded land, plan livable urban neighborhoods and design human systems that use a minimum of energy and resources to create real abundance and social justice. We also stress social permaculture: the design of human systems to embrace diversity, resolve conflicts and build nurturing and creative groups. EAT has a commitment to bring these tools to communities most impacted by injustice through our Diversity Scholarships and partnerships.

How we helped

Support from Lush has enabled Earth Activist Training to bring the skills and tools of permaculture to some of the communities most impacted by environmental injustice. By providing food and lodging for students of color, helping to support deaf students in taking our permaculture trainings, and supporting teachers of color whom we mentor, Lush has greatly contributed to diversifying the permaculture movement and increasing its overall resiliency.

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