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Generation RYSE (Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth) is a campaign of large-scale youth empowerment, aiming to train youth to become climate leaders and empowering them to lead trainings, rallies, and solutions-based projects in their own communities. RYSE creates an exponentially growing number of youth solutionaries promoting environmental and social justice in their communities and creating a network of young leaders to support and collaborate with each other. In 2015, the RYSE Youth Council will train and empower more than 500 youth!

Kid Warrior: The Xiuhtezcatl Martinez Story from BLKFLM Digital on Vimeo.

How we helped

"Protect Our Future will foster community implementation of regenerative projects, as crews from across the globe undertake soil sequestration projects. Large, active crews in Bhutan, Brazil, New Zealand and elsewhere will be provided with small grants to implement these projects as well as run educational programs for youth outside of Earth Guardian crews. Earth Guardians will also be creating an in-depth website that allows crews to track the amount of carbon sequestered over the long-term, meaning this project will be ongoing and will also have a scientific component for students interested in learning more about the quantitative analysis of this work. As Earth Guardians continues to build out its communications systems, youth will be able to look towards one another for mentorship, support, guidance and ideas of best practices. Furthermore, the idea of continuity and collaboration across the globe will be further established as students learn of similar situations and campaigns taking place elsewhere. The climate leaders handbook will be provided to thousands of youth in tandem with mentorship and guidance from the RYSE youth council and Earth Guardian crews. Earth Guardians places trust in the belief that these youth leaders will guide us to a new, sustainable future. We believe in the power of peer to peer mentoring and horizontal organizing. In this way, the climate leaders handbook will be a model for de-centralized community leadership and resource sharing, so that underrepresented communities can exercise their power in the climate justice movement."

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