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Elephant Sanctuary Brazil

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil is the first sanctuary of its kind in South America that's a refuge of healing and recovery for captive elephants that have endured endless suffering for human entertainment. By nature, elephants are socially dynamic, immeasurably intelligent and emotionally complex beings living within expansive family groups. Captivity has taken all of this away, leaving elephants, injured and traumatized. SEB exists to give back, providing an expansive natural habitat and offering the autonomy, respect and compassionate care necessary to recover and thrive. For these lucky few, the sanctuary is a chance to rediscover what it means to be an elephant.

How we helped

This incredibly generous gift from Lush arrives at the perfect time to help kick start the development of our first Center for Elephant Care. This open side structure is pivotal for us to welcome new resident elephants and imperative for our ability to provide them with the highest level of veterinary care. Further, the support of Lush, an internationally renowned company, lends increased credibility to our work and exposure to our mission that will encourage others to get involved and become part of our expanding Sanctuary family.

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