FENAP Achuar

The Achuar of the Pastaza live in the Amazon rainforest in a remote border region of southern Ecuador and northern Peru. While embracing some aspects of the modern world, FENAP Achar was formed to ensure that future generations of Achuar can maintain their culture, identity and way of life and live in a healthy and sustainably managed rainforest territory. The group works on establishing cultural revitalization by supporting Achuar elders to hold classes with Achuar children to pass on the songs, myths and skills of their ancestors. It also supports the implementation of a reforestation program aimed at enriching the diversity and health of the rainforest, planting the construction timber, roofing palms, medicinal plants and other plants and trees the Achuar use in their daily lives.

How we helped

Funds from Charity Pot go towards the costs of the Achuar Cultural Revitalization and Reforestation program in 45 villages in Peru.

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