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Food for Thought has been working with Ojai's local public schools for over a decade. Truly community-based, they represent community values with respect to food and nutrition, and believe that good food for children is necessary for everyday performance and to set them up for health in later life. The organization also provides a set of core lessons for each grade level, focusing on garden-based learning, agricultural literacy or nutrition education. 'Bringing Local to the Lunchroom' is a wonderful farm-to-school educational endeavor which brings students to an adjacent organic farm to plant and harvest produce used in school meals.

How we helped

Food for Thought Ojai is proud to be able to support the increased school-to-farm visits (also known as our Agricultural Literacy Program) thanks to the Lush Charity Pot donation. Our program will expand to include both planting and harvesting for district 4th graders as well as ten educational visits from the Environmental Field Studies Class at our local high school. Students will be learning how to grow organic produce for their school cafeterias and connect with the local food producers in our community.

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