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For Peace Presence provides safety and visibility to Colombian communities in rural and urban conflict zones who face threats, human rights violations and devastating evictions from their territories due to large-scale economic projects and political violence. The physical presence and political advocacy of our teams brings international attention to the concerns and demands of the communities and human rights defenders we accompany, helping to increase their ability to continue working for social and environmental justice. We also build solidarity between communities in the Global North and Global South through speaking tours, delegations, research, articles, webinars and social media platforms.

How we helped

Over the coming year, thanks to the commitment and generosity of Charity Pot we will deepen our accompaniment of Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities in the city of Buenaventura, in addition to two communities on the Caribbean coast--a community of subsistence farmers facing repeated forced displacement by a Free Trade Zone and a community facing displacement by large-scale coal mines. Our partnership with Lush is vital to our accompaniment of these partners, helping to increase the space and support they have to nonviolently defend their territories, construct peace on a daily basis, and further the struggle for social and environmental justice. The FOR Peace Presence field teams will receive training, mental health support, equipment and communications tools to build their capacity to successfully accompany these partners and raise the visibility of human rights abuses in Colombia.

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