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Forest and the Femme Society

Forest and the Femme is an outdoor recreation program for highly marginalized women living in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside community. We provide access to nature for the city’s most vulnerable and isolated women. Our goal is to facilitate a sense of freedom, empowerment and self worth through contact with nature, skill building and social engagement. We believe that nature has the power to heal and transform, creating strengths that will carry throughout all aspects of our lives. We prioritize women with multiple, intersecting vulnerabilities including FASD, involvement in the survival sex trade, addictions, racial oppression, mental health, physical health and mobility barriers.

How we helped

Lush's support has come through for us when we needed it most. Their willingness to fund grassroots initiatives is the difference between carrying out innovative programming or closing down. Receiving support means that we can take more women outdoors to adventure and explore nature. It will support wheelchair access to our programming by providing options on our adventure-mobile to safely accommodate wheelchairs. The funding will also help us provide an organized, effective space to assist in planning our trips which means more time spent in the field, on outreach and with participants. Not only have they helped us with funding critical elements to our programming, but they have also helped us to receive future grants from other funders by proving that our programming has the support of the community around us. Without the support of Lush we would still be trying to fundraise right now instead of taking women hiking and camping. We can't thank you enough for your support!

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