Fortune Community Health Group

Fortune is a grassroots organization in Wiang Wai Village in Northern Thailand. Its mission is to address the community health and human rights needs of the Shan migrant workers who live in farm camps in the Fang area. One of Fortune’s greatest assets is that it's created and staffed by members of the migrant community it serves. Its activities include community outreach, home visits, training, a community center/afternoon program for youth, mental health counseling, a community networker program, human rights and environmental education and information.

How we helped

The grant will provide the funding that allows Fortune to complete its mission of responding and attending to the community health needs of the Shan Migrant Community. This includes monthly community outreach, training, and a community center that includes afternoon activities for the young people in this area. There's also a strong mental health component to the services provided. The Shan Migrant Community is severely undeserved and has no rights within the Thai governmental system. Fortune’s services provide a critically needed source of support for this community.

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