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Free From Harm is a nonprofit dedicated to farmed animal education and advocacy. Our strength is publishing compelling online content and syndicating it across social media and other media channels. This content exposes the truth about farmed animals exploited for food and counters the damaging fictions promoted by the farming industry and popular culture at large. Other key programs include presentations and tabling at festivals and conferences and the rescue and adoption of domestic birds including chickens, ducks and pigeons. Our rescues provide us not only with invaluable, first-hand experience, but also the most powerful stories we have for changing hearts and minds about farmed animals.

How we helped

Our Charity Pot funding will provide us with the funding to execute a major overhaul of our official website. The strategy driving the new site is to provide a greatly improved user experience in our effort to retain our growing audience and keep them exploring our site longer and more comprehensively. The project will also provide major improvements for social media integration, search engine visibility and other strategies for expanding our online presence. New design and functionality will make reading, navigation, search and email subscription easier. And finally enhanced editing of existing pages as well as the development of new content will keep our content fresh and current.

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