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Friendly Water for the World

Friendly Water for the World is a Washington-based non-profit organization, and we know how to transform lives. Our mission is to expand global access to low-cost clean water technologies and information about health and sanitation through knowledge-sharing, training, community-building, peacemaking and efforts at sustainability. We empower communities abroad to take care of their own clean water needs as we empower people here to make a real difference. We currently work in 12 countries, in Asia, Africa and Central America. Our story – your story – is a story of hope.

How we helped

The Friendly Water for the World projects funded by Lush Charity Pot at two orphanages/schools, one set in eastern, the other in western Uganda will make both communities self-sufficient in clean water resources, expand community-based employment, reduce violence and sexual assault related to water-gathering activities, prevent further environmental degradation by reducing the use of wood for water boiling, and contribute substantially to community health. Community members will be trained to build BioSand Water Filters, rainwater catchment systems, “water hives” (water collection systems for girls’ hygiene at schools), and in community hygiene and sanitation. In addition, one shallow well will be installed.

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