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Friends of the Headwaters

Friends of the Headwaters is a grassroots group opposing a major energy corridor through Minnesota's most pristine water resources. Through education, outreach, fundraising and donations, we have been able to mount significant procedural and legal obstacles to these Canadian pipelines that Enbridge wants to route across Minnesota wetlands, tamarack swamps, wild rice beds, and fragile aquifers. As proposed by Enbridge, the Sandpiper and Line 3 pipelines would transport more oil and tar sands than the controversial Keystone XL. The Sandpiper and Line 3 pipelines are an end run around Keystone XL, an effort to avoid Presidential permit.

How we helped

Although Friends of the Headwaters had a recent victory in the MN Court of Appeals, it is likely that Enbridge and/or the PUC will appeal the ruling in the Supreme Court. Support from Lush will enable us to defend the need for an honest and comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement. The funding from Lush could make a huge difference in our legal and procedural efforts to thwart these hazards for the MIssissippi Headwaters and Minnesota's lakes, aquifers, and wetlands.

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