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Friends Uniting for Nature (FUN) Society

Friends Uniting for Nature (FUN) Society is a dynamic, youth-driven organization focused on saving the world through fun! At FUN Society we believe kids truly can change the world. Our mission is to empower them with the skills, tools and support to make it happen. We help transform a diversity of youth from all walks of life into agents of positive change with hands-on leadership training and environmental education programs. Most importantly, we make everything we do enjoyable – because it’s not sustainable if it isn’t fun!

How we helped

Partnership with Lush has helped us have the financial stability to to hire a dedicated FUN Champs Mentor who will work with our 20 dedicated FUN Champs. These children and youth aged 6-16 come from a diversity of backgrounds, some from at-risk and low-income families. The skills they are taught and the self-confidence that is inspired within them is life changing on a personal level. On wider level, each project they complete is a benefit to their school, municipality, or the world, and helps to promote a greater sense of community.

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