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Friends of the Nemaiah Valley

We sponsor wildlife research using the tools of conservation biology and ethno-ecological and anthropological research. Our promotion of educational initiatives builds capacity within local First Nations communities that enable sustainable livelihoods and responsible management of lands. We also develop technical and professional advisory groups and engage expertise to assist First Nations in creating holistic and sustainable management regimes. Our history and current mandate includes funding Tsilhqot'in First Nations in legal challenges within the Canadian legal system to establish rights and title.

How we helped

Lush Charity Pot has helped FoNV sponsor a Dasiqox Tribal Park (Nexwagwez?an) Gathering and Planning event. This Gathering was held at Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) to commemorate the establishment of the Dasiqox Tribal Park process, and as an act of its' assertion. In conjunction with the Gathering and meeting a log cabin was built that will is a permanent tribal park fixture, erected on the precise spot that Taseko Mines Ltd. had planned to create their vastly destructive Prosperity and New Prosperity mines. Momentum remains strong for our forthcoming event this year, which is a direct impact of the Lush sponsored event last year. We are excited for the opportunity to continue to support our First Nations partners this year through the kind donations from Lush that will contribute to awareness building and promotion of the Dasiqox Tribal Park project.

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