Generation Her

Generation Her offers a weekly life skills program for teen mothers and pregnant teens. Generation Her encourages setting educational and career goals for each teen mom and walks beside them to accomplish their goals as well as to provide a safe place of encouragement, hope and support through mentors and their fellow community of teenage mothers. Generation Her encourages independence through teaching life skill classes such as; budgeting, money management, job interviewing skills, resume building, cooking, self defense, nutrition, stress and anger management, relationship workshops and so much more. Generation Her is not only changing lives in the world of teen moms, it is also changing the community. The impact of a girl who will not stay on welfare throughout her lifetime and who is going to give her and her child a brighter future leads to a better economy and society.

How we helped

LUSH funding supported programs to empower teenage mothers and their children, by connecting them with a supportive community of other teen mothers and role models, equipping them with life skills

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