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Get REAL began with four university students involved in their school's first year mentorship program. Inspired by positive feedback encouraging inclusive language and attitudes, they formed Get REAL (Reaching Equality At Last). The non-profit now spans over 20 teams of students that run interactive workshops in high schools, summer camps, bars/restaurants, universities, and in corporate settings. Our aim is to empower others to be themselves, support their peers, and unlearn discriminatory attitudes, stereotypes and language in a fun and friendly way.

How we helped

At Get REAL, we believe that empowering students is of the highest importance. That is why we run Get REAL Skill-Teaching Summits, where young professionals – in fields like graphic design, video production, the culinary arts and theatre – share their skills with high school students who are in turn seeking to make their school and community more inclusive and safe for themselves and their peers. These are safe, fun environments where learning, mentorship, and skill sharing occur. Thanks to Lush, students are able to attend these summits free of any cost, and leave not only inspired by like-minded role models, but also equipped with concrete skills and knowledge to make a real positive impact in their community.

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